Convenient and cheap fast food has become the perfect food choice today to match our busy lifestyle. We all love fast food, eat on demand and want to eat food we love. While fast food is generally bad for you, to eat healthy implies to give up what we love. What if we changed this by making fast food healthy and can be enjoyed guilt-free everyday?

The brief was to introduce a new fast food concept to market, develop a familiar but new category of convenience food that could appeal to a customer who is looking for a better alternative to the traditional takeaway and drive-thru’s but not wanting to give up on the food they love to eat.

BrandWorks was engaged to develop the brand identity and interior design. Concept and inspiration was drawn from the farmers markets and grocery stores see here and around San Francisco and its Ferry Plaza famers market. Traditional stamping and stencil treatments on its primary brandmark, playful iconography, rustic colours, eye-catching typography and natural brown paper packaging allowed the concept interact with the customer without overdoing the ‘healthy’ cues.

The interiors considered the high density of affluent residents and gym frequenters around the South Yarra location. Material selection comprised of tile, oxidised metal, recycled wood for a premium aesthetic. An openable bi-fold window was integrated at the front to encourage indoor-outdoor trading. Various seating options from booth to communal tables were considered for all day trading, from grab ’n go, quick lunch time feeds to sit down dining.

Photography by Arianna Leggiero, courtesy of Broadsheet