Jasmine Kids Outfitters is your one-stop children’s clothing boutique. Designed entirely around kids and play, the brief from the client was to make the store interactive and playful, putting enjoyment into the experience of shopping for and with kids. 

The initial inspiration for the brand came from the ways in which kids play with tactile materials – namely Play-Doh and collage – with colour and pattern inspiration taken from the Memphis art movement and Japanese textile designer, Katsuji Wakisaka. The white walls and blonde wood of the interior became the blank canvas for splashes of bold colour and pattern translated from the brand. The unique curvature of the joinery creates a neat flow as shoppers progress through the store. Complete with pram parking, the slanted back room of the shop became the perfect nest for a life size play house. Shop (and play) to your heart’s content!

Photographer: Urban Angles