A classic Italian Trattoria with heart and soul.

Established in 1991 and affectionately named after the charismatic patriarch to the Scarlato family, Pino Scarlato founded his humble Italian Trattoria in the quaint township of Cowes, Phillip Is. Famous for its authentic pizza, pasta and Italian hospitality, PINO’s has continued to share its legacy with local residents and out-of-town tourists with the children now operating the local institution under the watchful eyes of Mama Rosa Scarlato.

With fresh ideas and a new modern perspective, the brief from the client was to refresh the brand identity and overall customer experience that PINOs had been made famous for. The brand identity took time to reflect on its roots, picking up nostalgic photos of Pino in the early days, in the kitchen making pizzas with Mama Rosa and the young kids. The original logo, hand drawn by Pino himself was reworked, reshaped and modernised for various applications - menu, packaging, business cards, signage and way-finding. A special filter was created to emphasise the retrospective, with the menu design mimicking his kitchen notebook, full of newspaper clippings, photos, recipes and personal notes he used to hand around the kitchen and to customers.

True to his word, the heart and soul of Pino Scarlato continues to live on in Cowes, Phillip Is.