‘Eat Deliciously, everyday’.

Thaiger celebrates the ‘delicious side of life’ in everyone and everything - just like it celebrates eating deliciously, everyday.
‘Eating deliciously’ goes beyond the menu. It builds the brand’s entire attitude and culture: Thaiger is all about the delightful, delectable, fun, unexpected and indulgent pleasures of life; never the same, dull, boring or routine.

Thaiger, famously known for their twist on the burger and infusing classic Thai flavours looked to BrandWorks to refresh their brand and menu for a broader market. The idea of bringing the delicious taste and flavours of Thai street food to be enjoyed everyday was to engage an audience who were time poor, health conscious and not willing to compromise on quality food made convenient.

The big idea, ‘Eat Deliciously’, helped shape and reframe the position for Thaiger; moving away from burgers to a whole new category of fast premium, where the popular taste of Thai cuisine could be enjoyed by a new audience with an adventurous palette and curious taste seekers. This direction was expressed in its menu, with a new selection of grab ’n go items, rice bowls, tiffin style boxes and fun thai-inspired drinks. The interiors were given a quick refresh, with a custom tile design decal, updated signage and placement of menu and signature dishes, inside and at the store front.