Approached by owner and celebrated chef, Paul Raynor, BrandWorks was engaged to envision a new brand identity for The Baths, Middle Brighton.

Housed in the historical beachfront building, The Baths are a defining piece of Art Deco architecture. Originally destroyed by a violent storm in 1934, the building was restored in 1936 during the Art deco movement. Resurrected, the building stands as a monument to the freedom of the period - an escape, from the challenges of the time, into a world of sophistication, decadence and leisure. 

This historical narrative became the inspiration for the brand, centred around prestige and escapism. The Baths’ Art Deco influence was celebrated through the design, with logo and secondary system inspired by the building itself.

The result is a brand which pays true homage to the site’s history, at the heart of the art deco movement – elegant, sophisticated and functional.

Photography: Tom Ross from Brilliant Creek
Interior: Wendy Bergman