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BrandWorks was engaged by Ararat Rural City Council to breathe fresh life into two important cultural institutions as part of an historic redevelopment of its Arts Precinct. The aim was to build two new, unique identities for Ararat Regional Art Gallery and Ararat Performing Arts Centre. These two rebrands needed a unity in overarching thinking while highlighting the independence of each institution.

Williams Boag Architects were engaged to redevelop the existing site, and their approach mirrored our own. We studied the past, present and future of Ararat, exploring the tensions and harmonies between the new and old in the aim of finding a fresh direction for each brand while truly honouring their history. Keeping one foot in the past, we took inspiration from the stencilled wool bales that are ubiquitous in this wool growing district where “AAA” signifies high grade Merino. These three letters are conveniently present in the name Ararat, a visual gift we had fun leveraging. Both brands also move towards the future through a process of reduction and through pairing with contemporary typefaces from leading foundries.

Ararat Gallery TAMA (Textile Art Museum Australia) holds what’s thought to be the most comprehensive textile and fibre-based art collection in Australia. The gallery works in collaboration with other high-profile institutions such as the NGV and Craft Victoria to present a broad and engaging exhibition program featuring innovative and contemporary textile art.

The Ararat Gallery TAMA brand system is a balance of authentic warmth and accessibility with engaging modern touches. The primarily rigid, monochrome palette becomes flexible and fluid as it responds to each exhibition through an intensely vibrant, playful supporting palette.

View the performing arts rebrand here: Ararat Town Hall


View the performing arts rebrand here: Ararat Town Hall

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